Author Robbie Couch Releases New Queer YA Book “Blaine For the Win”

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The Sky Blues author Robbie Couch finally releases his sophomore novel Blaine for the Win.

Robbie Couch has done it again! After the success of his first book, The Sky Blues, fans have been patiently waiting for Couch’s next novel to hit shelves, and it’s finally here!

Blaine for the Win will make a great addition to your summer reading list just in time for a little poolside relaxation.


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Meet Blaine Bowers

The story follows high school junior and artist Blaine Bowers, who seemingly has it all — an ambitious boyfriend, a caring family, and a core group of devoted friends.

Lucky him, right? Well, Blaine’s perfect world starts to implode after he gets dumped right before spring break. Blindsided, Blaine’s ex-boyfriend Joey explains that he needs to focus on finding a guy who is a bit more serious — a guy like Zach Chesterton.

We know, just hearing a name like Zach Chesteron evokes outrage for us, too!

In an Elle Woods moment of the objection, Blaine decides to prove Joey wrong by running for senior student council president. A position Zach Chesterton is also campaigning to take over. A battle of the boyfriends, old and new!

Will Blaine’s efforts be worth it? Who will win the presidency, and will he be able to win back Joey? We know the answer because we’ve read the book — now it’s your turn.

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Order Blaine for the Win Now

If you’ve binged Heartstopper on Netflix and are craving more young-adult coming-of-age queer stories, you need to order Blaine for the Win. You will not be disappointed. And if you haven’t read The Sky Blues yet, what are you waiting for?

Finally — we have YA queer stories written by queer people just waiting to be read!

Order your copy of Blaine for the Win here!

Author Robbie Couch Releases New Queer YA Book “Blaine For the Win”
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