Singer Steve Grand Gets Suspended From Twitter Again

Singer Steve Grand Gets Suspended From Twitter Again

Anthony Kosinchuk for Grand Axis

“Says my profile image violates their ‘sensitive menu’ policy … for a guy in a speedo??”

Twitter suspends speedo enthusiast and gay country singer Steve Grand for violating their community guidelines for a second time.

Social Media Guidelines

If you’re an active participant on any social media platform, you’ve likely been subject to or seen the dreaded community standard violation notification pop up without reason.

Many LGBTQ users report receiving more policy violations than their straight counterparts, prompting ongoing censorship and discrimination conversations.

From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and Pinterest, social media companies all implement a variety of guidelines to protect the user experience. But with many platforms relying on a computer to catch violations rather than human review,  a lot of unjust infractions are issued.

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Why Did Twitter Suspend Steve Grand?

Recently, Steve Grand has been dealing with multiple suspensions from Twitter after posting a photo of himself wearing a speedo to promote his swimwear company on the brand’s official Twitter handle @grandaxis.

The company’s notice stated that Grand violated the “sensitive media policy.” Users may not share “adult content within a live video, profile, header, or List banner images.”

However, Grand had been through this before and took to Twitter to seek advice on avoiding these flags.

Twitter Suspends the Image, Again

The singer said, “this is literally the exact same image I was using when they suspended & then restored my account last time. Wouldn’t it be marked they already reviewed it & restored it with this same image?”

Grand’s argument is one that many queer influences and businesses make when reprimanded by social sites.  Many LGBTQ creator accounts and posts are often blocked, banned, or removed without explanation.

There’s no telling when Grand might get his account back, but maybe he can send a letter to Elon Musk?

Singer Steve Grand Gets Suspended From Twitter Again
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