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Adam DeVine Opens Up About Butt Stuff

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Adam DeVine is not that into butt play.

Comedian Adam DeVine, 35, recently appeared in an episode of Buzzfeed’s thirsty tweet video series, and it was hilarious. The Game Over, Man star and his Workaholics co-star Blake Anderson recently reviewed some of the dirtiest things being said about them online.

“Adam DeVine could call me a bitch and I would still let him tear me open,” one especially thirsty follower tweeted.

“How about I call you nice names and then I enter?” DeVine proposed instead before commenting on the “too aggressive” youth of America. “I want to caress and enter, not call you a bitch and tear you open.”

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“I have a wide hole for Adam DeVine,” another fan tweeted, to which a bewildered DeVine replied, “Does anyone want a wide hole?”

“I’m really into Adam DeVine’s dick right now.”

Lastly, an impatient fan inquired, “When will Adam DeVine eat my ass?”

“Hey, I’m not going to,” he replied. “These kids are all into butt stuff, wide open, eating butts. When did the eating butts thing take over?”

Watch the full video below!

Adam DeVine Opens Up About Butt Stuff

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