Texas News Anchor Finds Happiness in Adult Entertainment

Texas News Anchor Jim Walker aka Dallas Steele

Jim Walker achieved a lot during his 23-year-career working in the news. As a veteran news anchor and experienced reporter with two Emmy nominations, it’s safe to assume Walker knows a thing or two about being on camera.

As a journalist, Walker covered major stories including the Space Shuttle disaster over Texas, Hurricane Katrina, and the Columbine School shootings. He worked for CBS affiliate KTVT in Dallas, where he earned his Emmy nominations, as well as KBTV Fox 4 in Beaumont.

After dedicating his life to the news, Steele left the industry. “I left the business in 2013 after my boss in Southwest Florida told me that research had shown ’people here just don’t like you,’” he told TitanMen (NSFW).

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After pandering for ratings and approval from viewers, Walker was exhausted and needed a change. “TV news as we know it is dying, and the old school model is trying to divide a financial pie that has shrunk by 75 percent in just 15 years.”

He continued, “Add to that, the immense pressure of daily ratings where your job is virtually on the line every single day.” After devoting his life to establishing his career, Walker wasn’t willing to take a pay cut or settle for a demotion.

So, in November 2015, he selected the name “Dallas Steele” and signed an exclusive deal with Titan Men, and so far, his career in porn has been a success. With 22 movies under his belt and multiple award nominations (Cybersocket for “Best Sex Scene,” along with Dirk Caber in the TitanMen release “Blue Collar Ballers”), it’s safe to say Dallas Steele is a porn star.

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Although the 44-year-old silver fox revitalized his life with his career change, he misses a few aspects of the news/media industry. “I miss telling great stories, I miss the rush of sharing breaking news, and I miss getting to know viewers,” he confessed. “What I don’t miss is the schizophrenic management at every station that can’t decide from day to day what they want, and as a result are constantly blaming the talent and trying to make the talent be something they aren’t.”

Walker said, “If they left the talent the fuck alone to be who we are, viewers would be a lot happier. Most anchors are so beaten down, even they don’t have a clue anymore about who they really are.”

Although Walker seems genuinely happy with his life change, the Internet trolls accuse him of having a “mid-life crisis.” He told C&C (NSFW), “They’ve obviously decided at some point that there are limitations on who you can be and what you can do once you hit 40.”

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“I’m sorry if the haters have decided that gays over 40 are supposed to put on the board shorts, move to the suburbs and settle down to bridge parties once per week. I don’t plan ever to go quietly into the night.”

At 6’3″ tall and 220 lbs, Walker is a total daddy and we’re thrilled he found his happy place. For updates, you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter, or if you’d like to date Dallas Steele, click here.

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