Kristen Stewart is Starring in a New Vampire Thriller With Oscar Isaac


Get ready for a blood-pumping adventure as Kristen Stewart and Oscar Isaac dive into the shadows of 1980s Los Angeles in the new vampire thriller, Flesh of the Gods. Directed by the visionary Panos Cosmatos, this film promises to be a rollercoaster of mayhem.

The Return of a Vampire Legend

Kristen Stewart, who became a household name with the vampire saga Twilight, is back in the realm of the undead. This time, she’s leaving behind the romantic pines of Forks for the neon-lit streets of LA. At 34, Stewart continues to captivate audiences, proving her versatility across genres—from indie dramas to blockbuster romances.

Oscar Isaac: From Space Battles to Street Battles

Oscar Isaac, the beloved Poe Dameron of Star Wars fame, trades his pilot’s jacket for something a bit more sinister. Known for his dynamic roles in Moon Knight and Inside Llewyn Davis, Isaac’s transition into the world of nighttime prowlers is one we can’t wait to see. At 45, his charismatic presence only grows stronger on screen.

A Night in Hell’s Paradise

In Flesh of the Gods, Isaac and Stewart play Raoul and Alex, a couple who venture out from their upscale skyscraper condo into the pulsating nightlife of LA. Their journey takes a wild turn when they meet a cryptic woman leading a group devoted to pleasure and peril. As the couple spirals deeper into this glamorous underworld, they encounter a seductive blend of excitement and danger.

Behind the Scenes

Cosmatos, known for his psychedelic horror Mandy, calls the film a “hot rod joy ride deep into the glittering heart of hell.” Famous for blending fantasy and nightmare, he’s an ideal director for this thrilling journey.

Screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker, known for Se7en, also infuses the script with his signature tense storytelling. With Adam McKay, director of Don’t Look Up, as producer, this film is set to impact everything from fashion to music.

With shooting scheduled to start later this year, Flesh of the Gods is gearing up to be a major cinematic event. Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart’s latest film, Love Lies Bleeding, is out now. 

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Kristen Stewart is Starring in a New Vampire Thriller With Oscar Isaac
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