Kristen Stewart is Thrilled that Movies Like ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ Exist

A Fun and Insightful Sit-Down with the Stars

In an engaging and lively interview, the cast of Love Lies Bleeding opened up about their latest film, a rollercoaster ride of love, identity, and adventure. The conversation was not just about the movie’s plot but also touched on deeper themes like love’s worth, gender expression, and the power of cinema in challenging societal norms.

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Is Love Really Worth All the Trouble?

The interview kicked off with Caitlynn asking the million-dollar question: “Is love worth it?” Rose, with a chuckle, assured us that it must be, considering all the “stupid crazy stuff” we do for it. Kristen chimed in with a witty remark about human connection and existence, highlighting how our actions, however foolish, circle back to love.

Breaking Barriers with Gender Conversations

The chat significantly focused on discussing gender expression, a central theme in Love Lies Bleeding. Kristen Stewart, known for her insightful takes on social issues, shared her thoughts on the shifting landscapes of gender roles. She emphasized the breaking of “prescribed reality” and how the film engages with these changing norms.

“It’s kind of one of those things you don’t want to talk about too much because you want to be afforded the kind of gift of not having to hang a lantern on obvious things. Like not having to be the mouthpiece for notions that should be given the way that we take up space, who we are to ourselves, who we want to fuck. I don’t know, maybe don’t think about it. Maybe don’t consider that so deeply, man.

“I’m so happy to be asked the question and then say, watch the movie. Instead of hearing me talk about being a girl or a boy… it feels like movies are kind of doing that for us ladies lately. It feels nice.”


A Movie That Pushes Limits

Rose highlighted how Love Lies Bleeding blends thrilling elements with a love story at its core. The film doesn’t shy away from exploring dark themes, balancing them with the light of romance. According to Rose, love acts as the “guiding light,” steering the narrative through its twists and turns.

“I knew I wanted there to be a lot of violence in it and I guess falling in love kind of brings up a lot of those sorts of feelings.”

Why Watch Love Lies Bleeding?

Love Lies Bleeding isn’t just a film; it’s a statement. With its bold take on love, identity, and self-expression, it encourages viewers to question and cross the boundaries set by society. As Kristen passionately advised, “watch the movie” to see a reflection of contemporary discussions about gender and identity.

Love Lies Bleeding promises to be a cinematic journey that resonates with today’s audiences, from its vibrant characters to the pressing themes it explores.

A Cheeky and Insightful Chat

The interview with the cast of Love Lies Bleeding was not just entertaining but also enlightening, offering a glimpse into the minds behind the characters. It showcased how cinema continues to be a powerful medium for discussing and reflecting upon the evolving narratives of our time.

So, if you’re in for a movie that’s as thought-provoking as it is entertaining, make sure to check out Love Lies Bleeding. It’s a film that promises laughter, tears, and a whole lot of heart!

Kristen Stewart is Thrilled that Movies Like ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ Exist
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