Witness the Perfection of the Gay ‘WAP’ Dance Cover

Witness the Perfection of the Gay ‘WAP’ Dance Cover


Pack it up boys, we did it.

If Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion broke the internet with WAP, this video is kicking it while it’s down. In 8” heels.

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Created by Nicole Kirkland and Mac Daddyy, what’s being called the gay WAP is jaw-dropping, show-stopping, athleticism at its finest. The fashion, the femininity, the representation…just watch it for yourself, please.

The masterpiece was choreographed by Nicole Kirkland and featured dancing by “Bottom Behavior,” Mac Daddyy, Howard Johnson, Darius Hickman, Joseph Alexander Pina, Yai Ariza, Alekz Samone, Julio Jimenez, Keegan Hill, Bobby Newberry, Anthony Garza, Aryan Davenport, and Nicole Kirkland herself.

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“There are so many layers to gay men…it is not a one glove fits all!” the description reads on YouTube. “Angel and I wanted to represent the beautiful diversity found within the LGBTQ+ community! The rugged, the femininity, and everything in-between.”

They did that and more. Let’s relive and unpack some of the finer moments, shall we?

0:27. His name is Yai Ariza. You are welcome.
0:51. The fishnet, the flexibility, the timing. Gagged.
1:53. We’re in love.
2:43. WAP. WAP. WAP.
3:05. We love a lesbian finish. Can we get a sequel?

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This is what all choreography aspires to be. If you need us, we’ll be watching this video in slo-mo for the next five hours.

Witness the Perfection of the Gay ‘WAP’ Dance Cover
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