Watch Kevin Spacey React to Seductive Male ‘Entertainers’

This is a photo of Kevin Spacey.

Ok, we love Kevin Spacey and are obsessed with his portrayal of Frank Underwood on House of Cards. But, watching him react to these male strippers is amazing. Rumors around Spacey’s same-sex attractions have bounced around Tinsel Town for the majority of his career. And, this face says it all.

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To his credit, these Italian stallions have some serious muscles and their choreography is on point (the twink with the over-the-shoulder side eye is smokin’). Although Spacey’s reactions have very little screen time, they’re priceless. You can tell he has a favorite or two ….

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It all went down during a taping of the Italian talent show Amici, which aims to help singers, songwriters and dancers achieve their dreams. Spacey was lucky enough to attend this taping and to be seduced by a herd of hotties taking it off to Britney Spears “Get Naked” from her 2007 album, Blackout. You can watch the video below!


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