Trans Heartthrob Leo Sheng Surprises Is In 'The Matrix Resurrections'

Trans Star Leo Sheng Surprises Is In ‘The Matrix Resurrections’

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The Matrix universe just got a whole lot hotter!

That’s because trans actor Leo Sheng is in The Matrix Resurrections. He recently took to Twitter to share his excitement about being in the fourth Matrix movie.

“This happened last night,” he gushed while adding photos of him from the red carpet. He admitted the experience has been “one of the hardest secrets [he’s] ever had to keep.”

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Sheng, 25, shared his previous manager sent him an audition for something called “Project Ice Cream” after he wrapped the first season of Generation Q.

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He told his followers they could expect to see him in the movie. “If you’re going to see The Matrix Resurrections, you might see a familiar face pop up. It’s brief, but I’m so honored to be included in this world in any capacity.”

The original Matrix movies have become a huge success since the first one came out in 1999. Since then, the co-writers and co-directors Lana and Lilly Wachowski have came out as transgender. Lilly also confirmed a long-running fan theory that the first movie is a trans allegory. Speaking to The Netflix Club,  she said making the story about trans lives was the original intention, but “But the world, the corporate world, wasn’t quite ready for it.”


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Trans Star Leo Sheng Surprises Is In ‘The Matrix Resurrections’
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