These Gay Daddies Are Literally The GOAT

These Gay Daddies Are Literally The GOAT

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Meet the Goat Daddies.

If you ever find yourself driving on Elgin Rd. outside of Columbia, South Carolina, turn onto Tookie Doo lane. Take a left when you see Tomahawk trail. At the end of the road, you’ll find a farm. A working farm and Grade A Goat Dairy that produces eggs, raw goat’s milk, goat cheese, and even local handmade art. But this isn’t just any farm. It’s known for its huggable herd of nearly 50 goats and its world-famous cow Norris. It’s also known for the gay daddies who run it.

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The Gift of Goats

Goat Daddy’s Animal Sanctuary, located in South Carolina, is owned and operated by Jason Southers and Josh Slade, a match made in heaven. Jason served in the United States Army in veterinary services and Josh is a business school graduate who works from home and is a pretty serious league bowler. Together they are proud to provide the gift of goats to the world.

The farm first met their cow Norris when he was 2 days old and fighting for his life. Over the course of weeks, being bottle-fed and treated with medicine and transfusions, Norris made a full recovery and is now a happy 500-pound 1-year-old redpoll cow.

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While the farm is only open on Saturdays, you can book 1-hour long private tours on most days. Private tours include a chance to cuddle with baby goats, hand feed a camel and taste a glass of fresh goat’s milk. Goat Daddy’s farm also hosts events including Kids Camps in the summer, allowing kids to interact with farm life first hand.

If you’re ever in the South Carolina area, look them up online to book a tour. Meanwhile, make sure to follow Goat Daddy’s on TikTok for all of your adorable goat needs. If you’d like to support the farm you can also find them on Venmo. Oh, and by the way, did we mention that they also have a Camel?

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Some daddies have it all.

These Gay Daddies Are Literally The GOAT
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