The Ins and Outs of Male Brazilian Waxing

A photo showing what it's like to get a men's full Brazilian wax.

Most men who like men, especially bottoms, consider waxing their nether regions. Depending on how hairy you are, shaving your butt can take a long time, and cleanup can be tricky. But, waxing your manly bits and purple starfish is a terrifying thought for many guys. Waxing can be quite painful, and unless you’re into that type of thing, trimming or shaving your hair down there is much more appealing.

Jack Dunn is a “professional male grooming therapist and an expert in male Brazilian waxing.” He operates a waxing studio in Islington, North London, and offers affordable full body waxing treatments for men. According to his website, Dunn’s treatment menu includes “male back waxing, chest waxing and a range of male intimate waxing treatments (Hollywood waxing, Brazilian waxing and the classic back sac and crack wax).”

Now, if you’re still nervous about going under the wax, we don’t blame you. Thankfully, Dunn created a YouTube channel to walk you through his male waxing services. Now, the video below is safe for work. But, before you leave a nasty comment on our Facebook page, click the link below the video for the uncensored version.

Watch the raw manzillian tutorial

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