5 Things We Hope to See in ‘The Legend of Tarzan’

This is a photo of Alexander Skarsgard as Tarzan.

Alexander Skarsgård (Eric from True Blood — yum!) is Tarzan in next year’s reinterpretation of the classic tale. Oh yeah, and his abs are also starring. Oh, and Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad movie) is Jane.

Here’s what we hope to see in the new film:

1. The loincloth

It wouldn’t be Tarzan without the loincloth, right? Plus, we want to see as much of Mr. Skarsgard as we can.

2. “Me Tarzan, you Jane.”

We got to have this classic line. Even if it’s cheesy.

3. Treehouse sex

You know Jane’s gonna go for Tarzan’s vine at some point in the movie. Here’s hopin’ it’s a sexy treehouse tryst.

4. “Mother-f**king Tarzan!”

Ok, so Samuel L. Jackson is in this movie. He’s gotta drop at least one “mother-effer,” or we’ll be pretty disappointed.

5. Bubble butt

Skarsgård proved he wasn’t afraid of onscreen nudity in the years he exposed his perfect butt on True Blood. Let’s hope he brings his beautiful assets to the silver screen next summer!

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