Study Finds Bisexual Men Smoke and Drink More

Man drinking whiskey and smoking cigar in bath.

Sadly, many people in the LGBT community often struggle with substance abuse issues. According to new reports, bisexual men may have an increased risk of health related issues.

Medscape, a web resource for physicians and health professionals, released a study which reviewed the staggering substance abuse issues seen within the bisexual community.

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According to their research, many of the health problems faced by sexually-fluid individuals may be the result of psychological distress, which causes individuals to develop harmful habits such as excessive drinking and smoking.

Dr. Gilbert Gonzales, one of the researchers, says mental health and substance abuse issues are liking the result of “interpersonal and structural discrimination.” This statement suggests marginalization and isolation of bisexual individuals are to blame for this stress — when removed from the community, minority individuals are more likely to show signs of substance abuse.

Worse Health for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Adults

The study shows bisexual men are more apt to engage in “heavy smoking” and “heavy drinking” than gay men and report an increased number of moderate to severe psychological stressors.

These finding only further support the importance of equality and acceptance for all sexual minorities, personally and professionally.

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