Straight Men React to Exceptional Dick Pics

Straight men looking at phone

Unlike straight men, queer men often embrace the sending and receiving of dick pics, and they’re open to loads of delivery techniques. Whether it arrives in the form of a Snapchat video or a good old text message, dick pics are part of the same-sex male dating experience.

On the contrary, when most straight men receive photos of peens their reactions are a little different. YouTuber Davey Wavey decided to conduct an experiment to understand how straight men respond to photos of male genitalia.

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In the video, Wavey hands his participants an “album of dicks” for their viewing pleasure, and their reactions are beyond entertaining.

Wavey told The Huffington Post, “I’ve made 800+ LGBT-themed videos over that last ten years and this video, featuring four straight men, is probably the gayest thing I’ve ever filmed. I was surprised by how much the straight guys had to say about each dick,” he continued. “They really critiqued each picture, even commenting on angles and lighting. It’s clear that they’ve spent a long time thinking about dicks.”

“I was struck by how impressed they were with the well-endowed images,” he said. “It further proves my theory that just about everyone (even straight guys) loves a big dick.”

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