Straight guys react to Andrew Christian underwear.

Straight Guys React to Andrew Christian Underwear

Photo: YouTube

Many gay men, particularly younger gay men, like to wear Andrew Christian underwear because it makes them feel sexy and it shows off their tool. More power to ‘em. In this ridiculously funny YouTube video, several straight men react to skimpy underwear.

Whether you prefer boxers, briefs, man thongs, or free balling, you’ll appreciate the honest reactions of these straight guys. Underwear designers like Andrew Christian have created some elaborate designs that gay men love, and most of the time they’re pretty revealing.

Some guys want their undies to make a statement, and that’s ok. But, we want to know how you feel about these skimpy undergarments. Watch the video below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Straight Guys React to Andrew Christian Underwear
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