Stoli Looking for the Best LGBTQ Bartender in the U.S.

Stoli and the Key West Business Guild reunited to host their annual LGBTQ bartending competition.

This year’s contest kicked off last Wednesday, March 6, in Dallas. It will conclude with a grand finale in Key West. Stoli fans can join the fun and attend the events in 14 cities, and all of the events are free to the public.

The theme for this year’s Stoli Key West Cocktail Classic is “Visibility: Making It Loud and Clear,” attaching to the new Stoli brand campaign. The participants will be judged on their Stoli-based cocktails; each mixologist must also use an element of their presentation to represent something that shined a spotlight on an aspect in the community that was previously unnoticed. Judges will also consider the bartenders’ creativity and knowledge before crowning a winner.

“For six years now, the Cocktail Classic has recognized bartenders and establishments that celebrate gay bars as the original safe spaces for the LGBTQ community,” said Patrik Gallineaux, Stoli Vodka National LGBTQ Ambassador and Manager.


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“I’m looking forward to seeing how participants integrate ‘Loud and Clear’ into their presentations. While the creative directions differ by city and by competitor each year, the result is consistent in the end: a close-knit group of LGBTQ bartenders from across the country who become friends for life.”

Alan Beaubien, President of the Board of the Key West Business Guild, added, “The city of Key West and the Business Guild is proud to again welcome Stoli and competitors from across the country at the Key West Cocktail Classic, hosted during our Pride Week celebration. Each year, the event draws thousands of fans who show support for the bartenders and come together to champion the community. We feel the positive impact of the Cocktail Classic for much more than a week though, as it gives back in a meaningful fashion to charitable causes throughout Key West.”

If you’d like to attend the Stoli Key West Cocktail Classic, visit their official Facebook Page to RSVP.

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