Man Dies at Gay Atlanta Club Amid Outrage Over Crowded Events

Man Dies at Gay Atlanta Club Amid Outrage Over Crowded Events


Seven months since lockdown and we’re still here?

How are we still watching people gleefully pile into crowded nightclubs? We saw it during Pride month and we’re still seeing it now. We’re still seeing the circuit parties and we’re still seeing the outrage circulating online. No masks, no distancing, no change.

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On Saturday morning, Big Brother Season 15 winner Andy Herren shared a clip he grabbed from Instagram of a jam-packed nightclub in Atlanta.

“In the middle of a pandemic. People can be so sh*tty and selfish,” said Herren on Twitter. “Please don’t be like these people. This is appallingly gross.” In the Tweet, Herren also called out Atlanta Pride who is maintaining that all of their events are virtual. The video has amassed over a million views.

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“We’ve seen videos of large parties; those are not official Atlanta Pride events,” Atlanta Pride shared on Twitter, adding “stay home and safe!”

It gets worse. Sadly, a man died while attending one of these unofficial Pride parties at BJ Roosters. Police arrived at the scene to find paramedics attempting to revive a man who had passed out in the basement of the club.

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He was then taken to Piedmont Hospital where he was later pronounced dead shortly after 8:00 a.m. The man’s partner said the victim had taken ecstasy pills at the club. According to Atlanta police, there does not yet appear to be any signs of foul play. Witnesses say the man was in his mid to late 30s and appeared to be healthy. The investigation is still ongoing.

This tragedy comes on the heels of a string of parties that appear to have no online marketing behind them. Another guest at the event said there was no social distancing at the event. This particular circuit party was hosted by Ga Boy Events who, along with BJ Roosters, have yet to issue any comment on the incident or the very clearly irresponsible events they’re hosting.

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If you happen to see or hear of anyone going to a large scale event like this, in the middle of a pandemic, please say something. They are not just being careless with their own safety, they are being reckless with everyone else’s.

This is not okay.

Man Dies at Gay Atlanta Club Amid Outrage Over Crowded Events
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