See Photos of Jonathan Bailey and Matt Bomer as Lovers in New Raunchy Gay Romance

Credit: Vanity Fair

New photos from Vanity Fair show Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey blissfully in love in a new queer romance series, Fellow Travelers.

The miniseries, titled Fellow Travelers and based on Thomas Mallon’s historical novel by the same name, follows a decades-long romance through the McCarthy Red Scare trials and the Lavender Scare, which resulted in the firing of hundreds of gay state department workers.

Bailey, known for his role as the Viscount in Bridgerton, will play a passionate congressional aid named Tim Laughlin. Conversely, Bomer is Hawkins Fuller, a successful businessman who spends his time immersed in politics and avoiding emotional entanglements. That is until he meets Tim.

Since learning about the series, Twitter has been gushing over any BTS photos they can access (remember those steamy beach make-out photos?). We can finally take an in-depth look at Bailey and Bomer’s characters thanks to Vanity Fair.

Bailey and Bomer Open Up About the New TV Series

In the exclusive, Bailey is delighted to speak about the series and the opportunity to star in a “sweeping gay love story.”

“The nuance of a complicated, volatile queer relationship is the power balance—and that is what is amazing about Tim and Hawk,” Bailey said. “Every single sex scene is a meticulous examination of power.”

Not only is this story being told by two openly queer actors, it also gives its audiences an authentic look at an intimate relationship between two men.

Producer Robbie Rogers hopes the audience walks away thinking “Oh, wow. They really went for it.”

“I will be so interested to see how people respond to it,” Bailey said. “To me, being queer also is about, as two men, how you negotiate your giving of your body to the other person. That is something that I’ve always yearned to see properly done because I know how extraordinary it is to experience it.”

Fellow Travelers will premiere on Showtime later this year and will stream later on Paramount+. See exclusive photos below.

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See Photos of Jonathan Bailey and Matt Bomer as Lovers in New Raunchy Gay Romance
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