Paramount+ Reveals Thrilling New Whodunnit Series ‘School Spirits’

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Peyton List is trying to solve her murder in the mysterious trailer for Paramount+’s new teen drama, School Spirits.

Picture this: You’re stuck in limbo between life and death. You attend these meetings with the Split River High Afterlife Support Group, but there is one problem. You don’t know how you died. To make things worse, someone you know probably killed you.

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What Happened to Maddie?

School Spirits is an upcoming SyFy series that follows Maddie (Peyton List), a teen stuck in the afterlife who decides to investigate her disappearance with a group of students also stuck in limbo at their high school.

Joining Maddie on the quest to uncover her killer are fellow deceased students Rhonda (Sarah Yarkin) and Wally (Zombies star Milo Manheim). Out actor Nick Pugliese is also a member of the ghostly group as Charlie. Together they will help Maddie’s friends and family discover the truth about her murder. Too bad everyone is a suspect – including her best friends Simon and Nicole (Kristian Flores and Kiara Pichardo) and her mysterious boyfriend Xavier (Spencer Macpherson).


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Watch the New School Spirits Trailer

The School Spirits series is based on an unreleased graphic novel by Nate and Megan Trinrud and Maria Nguyen. So if you wanted to jump ahead and read the book to get answers, you’re out of luck. We all have to wait for the series to come out together.

Watch the new trailer here to learn more about Maddie’s strange disappearance and to meet the spirits who will hopefully help her crack the case.

School Spirits is just one series on Paramount+ with a promising mystery and intense thrills. In January, the streaming service released another supernatural mystery with Wolf Pack. Co-starring Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s Sarah Michelle Gellar, the series follows a group of teens whose lives are changed forever after a California wildfire awakens new monsters in the town.

All eight-episodes of School Spirits hits Paramount+ on March 9.

Paramount+ Reveals Thrilling New Whodunnit Series ‘School Spirits’
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