Matt Bomer Reveals Lifelong Bond with Co-Star Following Toe-Sucking Scene in ‘Fellow Travelers’

In the world of TV, some scenes really stick with you, but for Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey, one moment took their friendship to a whole new level. During an unforgettable scene in “Fellow Travelers,” Bailey’s character, Tim, gets up close and personal with Bomer’s character, Hawk’s toes, and from then on, it is a bond sealed for eternity.

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A Bond Like No Other

Chatting with People, Matt Bomer opened up on how their toe-sucking scene brought him and Bailey closer than ever. “We are bonded for life, for sure, as friends after having gone through this together,” he explained. This wasn’t just any friendship; it was something sacred. Bomer’s love for Jonathan was clear as day. When asked if he’d ever return the favor, Bomer laughed it off, saying, “That wasn’t in the script! We did what was in the script.”

Jonathan Bailey shared his side of the story too, calling working with Bomer “a total joy.” Both actors, with their rich history of portraying intimacy on screen, found a unique connection. Not just as actors but as individuals sharing the experiences of gay men. Their on-screen chemistry was fueled by a genuine exploration of their characters and personal journeys.

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The Story That Brought Them Together

Fellow Travelers dives deep into the life of Hawk Fuller, a man hiding his true self while working at the U.S. State Department in the 1950s. It’s a love story entwined with the challenges and triumphs of LGBTQ+ history, following Hawk, Tim, and their circle of friends through four decades of change.

Accolades and Accolades

The show’s impact didn’t go unnoticed. Matt Bomer found himself in the running for several awards, including a Critics’ Choice Award, Golden Globe, People’s Choice, and Screen Actors Guild Award. Jonathan Bailey isn’t left behind, snagging the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie Made for Television.

Where to Watch Fellow Travelers

Are you curious about this toe-sucking scene and the epic friendship it sparked? All eight episodes of Fellow Travelers are ready to watch on Paramount+ with Showtime. So, if you’re in for a tale of love, friendship, and a journey through American LGBTQ+ history, you know where to go.

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Matt Bomer Reveals Lifelong Bond with Co-Star Following Toe-Sucking Scene in ‘Fellow Travelers’
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