Russia Claims Calvin Klein’s New Ads Promote ‘Pedophilia’

This is a photo the young men from Calvin Klein’s new ad campaign.
Calvin Klein

Russian authorities claim they’ve received numerous complaints over Calvin Klein’s new advertising campaign. The adverts for Calvin Klein’s unisex fragrance CK2 feature same-sex couples, and because Russia is largely homophobic, they’re pissed.

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The anti-gay country’s authorities target the ads, which they claim contain “elements of propaganda of homosexuality and pedophilia.” Calvin Klein’s ads feature diverse couples, and although the straight couples kiss in the ads, the queer couples hold back their affection.

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In response to their ads, the fashion colossus say their ads are “embodying the thrill of life and celebrates the diversity of connections between two people.” According to Russia’s “gay propaganda law, which passed in 2013, the ads target young people in hopes of encouraging unconventional relationships.

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