Pedro Pascal Could Have Been in HBO’s Queer Series, ‘Looking’

That’s right! The certified “Daddy” was considered for a role in one of our favorite queer series to date!

The Trailblazing Cast of ‘Looking’

A decade ago, HBO’s Looking turned the tide in queer television. Starring openly gay actors Jonathan Groff, Murray Bartlett, and Russell Tovey, this series brought a refreshing authenticity to our screens. Set in San Francisco, it followed three gay friends’ lives with heartfelt honesty. 

Although it ended after just two seasons, Looking left a lasting impression. It pioneered LGBTQ+ representation and explored its characters’ lives deeply and sincerely.

Behind the Scenes: Casting Twists and Turns

Imagine Looking with Pedro Pascal, the star with a magnetic screen presence, in one of the lead roles! Carmen Cuba, the show’s casting director, shared that this dream was almost a reality.  

“Especially in TV, you meet a lot of people… Pedro Pascal was someone we met [for a role on Looking] and from that, I put him on Narcos,” she explained to GQ. “The thing with Pedro, it was like he was testing on a million things. So many of these things, as you know in casting, it’s just like scheduling. Does scheduling work? Does the group? Because in this, we were really casting a group.”

Then there’s Russell Tovey, who was initially considered for the role of Patrick but ended up portraying Kevin – a perfect example of the show’s creative fluidity in casting.

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A Pioneering Force in Queer Television

Looking was more than a show; it was a movement in queer media. It ventured beyond stereotypes, offering rich, relatable stories. This series set a new benchmark for queer storytelling, inspiring shows like Pose and Schitt’s Creek. Its focus on genuine LGBTQ+ experiences resonated with audiences and widened the scope for diverse narratives in mainstream media.

The Unseen Role of Pedro Pascal

Pascal’s near-casting in Looking adds a layer of intrigue to the show’s history. His unique charisma could have altered the series’ dynamics, showcasing the transformative power of casting in TV storytelling. This “what if” scenario highlights the impact of casting choices on a show’s narrative and emotional depth.

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Pedro Pascal Could Have Been in HBO’s Queer Series, ‘Looking’
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