Guys Get Their Backs, Sacks and Cracks Waxed

This is a photo of men getting waxed.

Many men, especially men who date men, manscape their nether regions. Some shave, while others trim, but the bravest of the boys wax. If you’ve considered waxing your junk, but aren’t sure you can take it, you probably shouldn’t watch the video below.

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These guys admit to being literally terrified of having “all of their hair ripped out of their skin … along with a layer of skin.” The removal of their short and curlies incites some interesting and hilarious reactions.

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According to the video’s description, “Male grooming is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Waxing is a temporary method of removing unwanted body hair and the results can last up to six weeks. We got our Facts. contributors to try the backs, sack and crack wax which removes all unwanted hair from those areas.”

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If you hope to start waxing your twig and berries or hole anytime soon, you should probably avoid this video at all costs. You can watch the hilarious video below!

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