Here’s the Uncensored ‘Vanity Fair’ Cover Instagram Removed

Luigi Murenu and Iango Henzi for 'Italian Vanity Fair'

Mahmood and Blanco posed for bare for Vanity Fair and Instagram removed the photo.

Instagram removed an Italian Vanity Fair cover featuring Eurovision stars Mahmood and Blanco claiming it violated the platform’s content standards and fans are not happy.

Mahmood and Blanco stripped and posed together for the March issue of Italian Vanity Fair. The pair posed strategically, covering their naughty bits with their hands. Apparently, moderators at Instagram still took offense. The platform removed the post citing an infringement of their content policies.

The official Italian Vanity Fair Instagram account slammed Instagram’s decision. The magazine then shared a censored version of the photo and criticized the idea that Instagram deems all nudity as offensive. The magazine argued in Italian that Mahmood and Blanco’s cover falls under the category of artistic nude and represents the stripping of labels to inspire young people to live freely.

“We portrayed them like this because their stories are like a blank page, full of tattoos and dreams, of youth, something strong enough to shake us all,” said Vanity Fair Italia’s director-in-chief, Simone Marchetti.

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Mahmood and Blanco have plenty to celebrate despite Instagram’s arguably excessive photo censorship. Earlier this month, the solo artists united and were nominated to compete in this year’s Eurovision.

In case you were curious, here’s the uncensored cover.

Photo by Luigi Murenu and Iango Henzi for Italian Vanity Fair

You’re welcome.

Here’s the Uncensored ‘Vanity Fair’ Cover Instagram Removed
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