Is the ‘Euphoria’ Character Nate Jacobs Gay?

Is the ‘Euphoria’ Character Nate Jacobs Gay?


Is Nate Jacobs gay?

Many Euphoria fans are wondering that very question. The show’s characters don’t shy away from their sexuality, with many characters just being attracted to a wide range of people. But, as we learn more and more about Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elordi) and his sex life, questions are spurring.

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On Sunday’s episode, Lexi’s play Our Life finally debuts to a live audience. She plays herself, but she casts other students in the roles of her classmates, including Cassie, Rue, and Nate. Several aspects of the play caught viewers’ attention, but one scene at the end of the episode stood out. The scene sees the actor playing Nate, along with his other men in the locker room, give a homoerotic performance of Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero.”

We linked a clip of it down below for you to watch.


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“That’s, like, so homophobic,” Nate scoffs as he storms out of the auditorium. However, viewers were quick to call out Nate on Twitter for his own homophobia.

While others believe this upset him because he is gay.

 That might not be the case.

Is Nate Jacobs gay? Here’s what we know about his sexuality.

It’s complicated. In the first season, fans learned when Nate was eleven, he watched videos of his father, Cal, cheating on his mother. His father’s sexual partners included both men and trans women. One of his father’s partners is Jules, who Nate tracks down and convinces her to meet up under false pretenses. He then tries to copy his father’s performance in his dad’s sex tape.

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Nate then dresses Cassie up as Jules in the tape in the most recent episode, so he’s clearly not over her. But his attraction to Jules, who is trans, does not make him gay. While he undoubtedly has a very complicated relationship with his sexuality, every person Nate has been attracted to throughout the show is a woman. He’s not gay, but he could be bisexual or choose to define his sexuality later down the road.

The season finale of Euphoria drops Sunday, February 27 at 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET on HBO Max.

Is the ‘Euphoria’ Character Nate Jacobs Gay?
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