Lil Nas Nude Hot Tub

Lil Nas X Takes a Naked Soak on Instagram

You can see his Old Town Road.

Lockdown makes people do the darndest things, and that includes celebrities. Not all of these things are good of course. Sometimes it’s coughing on fresh produce, or congregating outside city halls in unmasked protest. Sometimes, just sometimes, it’s magical.

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This weekend Lil Nas X decided to give us a rare treat in these dark days. Grab your bath bombs and essential oils boys, because it’s bathtime. The rapper took to Twitter and Instagram to share a set of cleverly cropped photos of himself, naked in a hot tub.

This isn’t the first time the rapper has teased us. The entertainer jokingly asked his followers in March if he should join OnlyFans to “interact with just [his] true fans.” The response was overwhelmingly in the affirmative of course, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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This isn’t the first time celebrities have baited is with promises OnlyFans accounts. Just last month Ansel Elgort bared it all in a photo shot by his father. The photo has since been removed in keeping with Instagram’s community guidelines. The caption famously read “OnlyFans LINK IN BIO,” which turned out to be something of a philanthropic bait and switch. Foiled again.

Lil Nas X Takes a Naked Soak on Instagram
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