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Jules From Euphoria Outfits: Steal Her Style


The HBO hit series Euphoria has been a major source of style inspiration, bringing graphic liner, glittery lids, and ‘90s/2000s glam back to clothing stores and Pinterest boards. Jules Vaughn from Euphoria is arguably the show’s biggest style icon, showing off dreamy looks that are vibrant but surprisingly wearable.

Wondering how to cop Jules’ Euphoria style? Read on to find out the trademarks of this character’s look and how you can plan a Jules-inspired outfit with the right palette and accessories!

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Who Is Jules From Euphoria?

Jules Vaughn – played by actress, model, and trans activist Hunter Schaefer – is one of the main characters of the show Euphoria. Carefree and adventurous, Jules started transitioning when she was 13 years old. By the time we meet her in the first episode, she is already a trans girl comfortable in her identity. However, we also see her struggle with her desire to be “more feminine”, as well as her exploration of her sexuality.

Jules is vulnerable and romantic, as seen in her Season 1 hookups with older married men. Though she struggles to find meaningful connections, she remains kind-hearted to the people around her. She’s also very artistic and creative, as seen in show segments highlighting her detailed sketches and unique fashion.

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What Is Jules’ Style In Euphoria Like?

Jules’ style in Euphoria Season 1 is best described as Y2K e-girl feminine, with plenty of items in pastel shades like bubblegum pink and baby blue. Her look is often compared to the style of the anime series Sailor Moon, channeling the “magical girl” aesthetic with delicate coordinates and colorful, dreamy makeup.

Jules is fond of layering clothing, often pairing sheer long-sleeved tops with strappy tanks. She’s also frequently spotted in Season 1 wearing miniskirts with crop tops. Jules accentuates these girly looks by dying her platinum blonde hair with baby pink streaks. The final touches for her looks are typically cute pastel backpacks, dainty chain necklaces, and lacy chokers. She goes for bold, neon colors when she isn’t wearing pastel hues.

While Jules’ Euphoria outfits in Season 1 can be seen as a nod to hyper feminism and dreamy 2000s fashion, her Season 2 looks are decidedly more androgynous. Season 2 Jules is no longer afraid to wear baggier styles or edgier, darker looks. Her outfits’ color palettes are more muted too, which some fans have taken as a nod to her growing vulnerability in the second season.

Perhaps the biggest change in her Season 2 look is most obvious in her new hairstyle. Instead of donning long blonde tresses with colorful streaks, Jules gets a blunt bob cut. Her style evolution reflects the emotional journey and inner turmoil of her character. Most significantly, it shows viewers her shift from desiring a hyperfeminine look to breaking away from the male gaze.

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Must-Haves To Cop Jules From Euphoria Style

Inspired by her dreamy, ultra-feminine style? Jules’ Euphoria outfits are a snap to recreate, as long as you have these key pieces and keep these tips in mind.

Color-Coordinated Layers

Jules often layers her tops, which is a great way to showcase contrasting textures. If you’re going to showcase this tee-on-tee look, choose similar tones for the two tops. Note that her inner top is frequently long-sleeved and made of mesh or more textured than the short-sleeved outer top.

This love for layering is evident even in the bottom half of her looks. Jules pairs textured tights, white fishnets, and colorful ankle socks with miniskirts and dresses with high hemlines. She’ll often wear tights and socks with her footwear, adding an extra dimension of texture to her outfit.

Jules also frequently matches the colors of her clothing and accessories from head to toe. Avoid wearing clashing colors, and think about how each hue choice complements or accentuates your look’s main color. Consider buttercup yellow accessories with a primarily strawberry pink drip or lavender coordinates with cream socks and heels.

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Plaids, Tartans, And Florals

Apart from carefully color-coordinating her looks, Jules mixes up her outfits by wearing fun prints in bright or pastel colors. Remember her yellow tartan skirt when she first meets Rue in Season 1? Simple prints like tartan or plaid breathe freshness into an outfit that’s too plain and can break the monotony of a color-coordinated look.

Florals are another major hallmark of Jules’ style in Season 1. A sheer floral inner top or floral miniskirt complements plain tank tops and crop tops. Ideally, you’ll want to choose a floral print that adds subtle contrast and texture to your look.

Marvelous Miniskirts

Jules’ cutesy, anime-inspired looks frequently have her in miniskirts. Miniskirts symbolize how she’s chasing femininity and wants to be playful, bold, and appealing.
A swishy tartan A-line skirt or a tennis skirt is a flirty touch to a Jules-inspired outfit. Pair a pastel plaid miniskirt with white sneakers and pastel tights to serve Jules Vaughn’s signature girly style!

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Comfy Sneakers And Practical Backpacks

Jules is frequently spotted in Season 1 with a trusty backpack that can carry all her essentials. But backpacks needn’t be boring – think of the fluffy bags or bright yellow and metallic pink totes she memorably sported in several episodes. Jules’ footwear is just as practical but cute. And she often completes her look with a pair of chunky white sneakers. Best worn with colorful ankle socks or playful textured tights, this versatile shoe is a must.

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Inspired By The Incredible Looks On Euphoria?

There’s no denying the huge influence that the hit show Euphoria has on current trends. Many people copy the show’s quirky makeup, the 90s/2000s-inspired items, and the daring styles to breathe new life into their looks. Jules’ outfits are noteworthy for their magical girl sweetness – follow our styling tips above to emulate her ultrafeminine style!

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Jules From Euphoria Outfits: Steal Her Style
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