Hunter Schafer Opens Up About Their Sexuality

‘Euphoria’ Star Hunter Schafer Clarifies Their Sexuality


Hunter Schafer is still figuring out their sexuality.

The Euphoria star has been open about who they are, including their transition, how they now identify as non-binary, and use both they/them and she/her pronouns. Now, she’s updating fans about her sexuality.


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In 2019, Schafter told Dazed in a video she identified, “closer to what you might call a lesbian.” But now, she says things have evolved.

A fan took to Twitter to say, “Hunter Schafer is a lesbian. Congratulations lesbians. You’ve taken from me the one thing that matters most.”

However, the star responded saying, their statement wasn’t entirely true. Schafer said, “As much as I wish this were true I would like to vaguely clarify that unfortunately I am like bi or pan or something.”


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Fans were quick to celebrate Shafer as they became more themself. They flooded the replies saying how proud of them they are!

This is not the first time they’ve been open about their identity.  She recently told Harper’s Bazaar she felt comfortable coming out as trans because of the “rich inner world” she created.

“When your exterior world and your body and yourself are not in line with who you are, you turn inward,” she explained. “My theory is that I built a really rich inner world until I started feeling like myself in my body.”


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Next year, fans can see Shacher in action when season two of Euphoria premieres on January 9th on HBO.

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‘Euphoria’ Star Hunter Schafer Clarifies Their Sexuality
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