John Cena Flexes His Biggest Muscle for ‘Trainwreck’

Screenshot/Official Trailer (Universal Pictures)

In a recent interview with Today, John Cena talked about filming his Trainwreck sex scenes with Amy Schumer. If you haven’t seen the film, you should know that Cena is nearly naked for most of his time on screen. To paint you a visual, for a moment, Cena stands in a bathroom sporting a washcloth and nothing else. He told Today:

“I think those who see the movie will agree with you—that scene is extremely awkward. And it’s designed that way. It’s designed to be the most un-intimate environment. It was unbelievably awkward, but that’s cool because it actually shows.”

In the film, Cena plays Schumer’s non-exclusive and unofficial boyfriend. In perhaps the most memorable scene in the film, Cena and Schumer’s character get intimate and he proceeds to talk “dirty” to her. The scene climaxes with a strangely homoerotic moment and ends with John Cena standing in the bathroom.

Watch the clip below for more John Cena!

John Cena Flexes His Biggest Muscle for ‘Trainwreck’
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