Is Jaden Smith Wearing Dresses Everyday?

A photo of Jaden Smith wearing dresses.
Photo: VIPix / Splash News

Jaden Smith is fashionable. Jaden Smith wearing dresses is a fashion icon. 

Why is Jaden Smith wearing dresses? Because he can! Duh. The stylish son of mega stars Will and Jada Pinkett Smith always looks good. And, he’s taking men’s fashion to a new level by incorporating “girl’s clothes” into his outfit collection. On April 9, Smith was spotted sporting this sassy ensemble in Calabasas, CA. With headlines that read “Jaden Smith wearing dresses” bouncing around the internet, it’s clear that his choice of attire is creating conversation.

Smith’s fashion is stirring heated debates on Twitter and Facebook. However, he’s successfully challenging gender stereotypes and reminding the world that the concepts of “girl clothes” and “boy clothes” are socially constructs.
The 16-year-old fashionisto wore a loose-fitting pair of denim shorts, a crocheted tank top, and chic dress.. On April 9, the ex-Karate Kid tweeted about the discomforts associated with wearing dresses and having limited support.

But, this isn’t the first time that Jaden dabbled with dresses. Daily Mail reported that he started rockin’ dresses in October 2013. Smith, who designs his own clothing line entitled MSFTS, says his style is best described as “casual wear with an edgy twist.” We agree, Jaden. Just be you.

H/T: Daily Mail

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