Is The ‘Eboy Haircut’ Hot or Not? How Do You Pull It Off?

The eboy style seems to be an eclectic mix of kpop, 90s grunge, skater, goth, scene, and punk, but one of the main ways to spot eboys is their distinctive haircuts.
In this article, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about eboy haircuts, including an approximate definition, the different types of cuts, how to style them, and popular celebs who rock the look.

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What Exactly Is The Eboy Haircut?

The ‘eboy haircut’ is really a catchall term for the popular cuts worn by internet baes and TikTok influencers. There are two popular cuts that eboys tend to wear, there’s the medium-length hair with silky straight bangs called the curtain hairstyle. The other most popular eboy hairstyle is thick fringe with either shaved sides or a mushroom like appearance.

Type #1: The Curtain Eboy Haircut

The most common Eboy hair style is the curtains style popularized in the 90s. This cut works best for guys with thick straight hair, although guys with curlier hair can straighten their hair and achieve this look.

Type #2 The Front Fringe Eboy Haircut

This cut usually has shorter sides and thick eboy fringe. It’s a popular look with kpop stars and requires a lot of styling. This cut also looks great on guys with curlier hair since they can let their hair naturally fall on their forehead creating a full frame for their face.

Why Do Eboy Haircuts Look Good?

Eboy haircuts look really youthful! The emphasis on some type of fringe frames the forehead and cheeks nicely and makes for a charming look for anyone with an angular face – which is why you’ll see so many lean guys rocking the look.

The curtain eboy haircut offers a bit of a feminine look which is popular with scene and goth styling. A bit of a genderbending vibe is also really popular with a lot of young guys these days, even people who are outside the LGBTQ+ community.

The fringe eboy haircut works better for guys with slightly softer, rounder, more youthful faces. It’s also a great way to cover up a larger forehead and bring more focus to other facial features.


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How To Style An Eboy Cut

While the eboy hairstyle is meant to look like it takes minimal styling, you will need to style it with hair products to make it look good – especially with curly locks. It’s different than just wearing your hair short. Here are some different styling methods based on your hair type.

Gel Method

Curly or straight, if you want to go totally 90s throwback, use the wet-look hair styling method with hair gel. Work some into your damp hair to get a slicker look.


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Mousse Method

If you have curly hair, mousse should be your go-to styling product. Mousse will help keep the hair texture without making it look stringy. For the best results use a blow dryer with a diffuser to finish off the look.

Round Brush Method

Blow-dry your hair through a round brush to get the hair to flip outwards. Flipping the curtain bangs outward is a bold look. It frames faces really nicely.

Flat Iron Method

Did you ever borrow your sister’s flat iron to get your silky straight hair in your teens? Be ready to do that again. If you are rocking an eboy haircut with the curtain bangs framing your face, flat ironing them to emphasize your cheekbones is a popular styling choice.

Pomade Method

The lowest maintenance method when it comes to styling your eboy haircut is hair pomade. This can be done with both the curtain haircut and the textured top version of the eboy hairstyle. Pomade will help show off the texture in your hair so work a little pomade into dry hair and scrunch to achieve the look.


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Celebs Who Rock The Cut

Charles Melton

Charles Melton of Riverdale fame wears the shorter eboy haircut. The Charles Melton eboy haircut is the kpop style with short sides and texture at the top – the icing on the cake is those natural waves that give it a beachy look.


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Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas is a social media influencer and actor who makes youtube videos. He rocks a messy grown out eboy haircut. Long at the front, short around the sides, and fringe for days. His hair is silky straight and is the perfect texture for this cut.


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Jung Kook

Jung Kook is the youngest member of BTS and used to wear a dyed modern curtain eboy haircut. He has rocked it in several different colors, like blue and platinum blonde.

Celebs Who DON’T Have The Eboy Haircut

Timothée Chalamet

The Timothée Chalamet eboy haircut is legendary on the hair blogs, but his hair is more of a long grungy mop rather than a stylized eboy haircut despite the middle parting. While Timothée Chalamet might be a style icon for the eboy, his hair doesn’t match the look.


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Keanu Reeves

Keanus’ center-parted hairstyle can easily be mistaken for an eboy haircut, but Keanu’s curtained hair is much too long to fit the trendy style which features the curtain bangs that usually reach the ear but not much further. Keanu doesn’t wear curtain bangs, his hair is all one length.


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Tom Holland

Tom Holland has been seen wearing longer hair lately, but he hasn’t gone as far as an eboy haircut. He does appear with curls slicked back which gives him a bit of an eboy look, but he doesn’t have a middle part.


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Eboy haircuts look sexy and youthful, but they’re not as low maintenance as they seem. The textured fringe eboy hairstyle will require more styling to keep from looking flat, and you’ll likely have to keep the shape by getting it cut often.
But in our opinion, it’s kinda worth it! This kind of cut flatters most face shapes and gives you a bit of an edgy boyish flair.

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Is The ‘Eboy Haircut’ Hot or Not?
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