‘House of the Dragon’ Star Emma D’Arcy is Fighting for Trans Joy

Rising star Emma D’Arcy is speaking up about the violence trans people face today.

Emma D’Arcy first rose to fame for their portrayal of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen in the hit Game of Thrones spin-off, House of the Dragon. Since then, D’Arcy has stolen the hearts of many queer women with their pronunciation of Sbagliato and for using their platform to advocate LGBTQ+ rights.

D’Arcy, who identifies as non-binary, has been open about how their gender identity played into their HOTD character. They also recently shared their desire for gender-neutral awards categories. In an interview with Vogue for their Pride issue, the actor is slamming the recent attacks on transgender rights.

“We are in a scary period of contraction, especially where trans rights are concerned,” they said.

“I feel so deeply sad about the vitriol leveled against trans people and gender non-conforming people.

“I’m also incredibly aware that if I feel like this as a white non-binary person, I know how much more hostile the environment is for trans women and for trans people of colour,” they continued.


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Gender Identity in Hollywood

At the beginning of D’Arcy’s career in Hollywood, they said they felt an immense pressure to present as a woman. However, they hope by being an openly non-binary actor they can continue to move Hollywood into a more inclusive direction.


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“Being visible as a nonbinary person is the only meaning I can see in having a public profile,” D’Arcy said. “My hope is that the more trans people and gender non-conforming people that are visible in this industry, the more hopeful young people in the community will feel about the opportunities available to them.”

“I feel like I’ve been thinking about my relationship to gender at least since I was about five,” they revealed. “My journey with my gender identity feels like one of piecing things back together.”

And D’Arcy is not alone in their mission to spread trans awareness. Actors such as Elliot Page (The Umbrella Academy), Michaela Jaé Rodriguez (Pose), Emma Corrin (The Crown), and Bella Ramsey (The Last of Us) have used their platform for advocacy.

The U.S. has proposed over 500 anti-trans bills since the start of 2023 and has passed over 80 already.

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‘House of the Dragon’ Star Emma D’Arcy is Fighting for Trans Joy
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