Hayley Kiyoko Wants To Turn 'Girls Like Girls' Into a Movie

Hayley Kiyoko Wants To Turn ‘Girls Like Girls’ Into a Movie


Hayley Kiyoko needs your help!

The “Girls Like Girls” singer hopped on TikTok to reply to a fan who says her music video was their version of Heartstopper. So much so, that she wants to turn Girls Like Girls into a movie. In case you don’t know, Heartstopper is Netflix’s latest series about teen boys who fall in love.

Meanwhile, Kiyoko’s 2015 “Girls Like Girls” music video follows two girls played by Stefanie Scott and Kelsey Chow, who are just friends, but Scott’s character has a crush on Chow’s character. Unfortunately, Chow’s character also has a crappy and controlling boyfriend, and things eventually get violent. Luckily, the story has a happy ending because the two girls end up together!

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The just under five-minute music video has over 145 million views, proving the storyline and song have resonated with fans. Other fans took to the TikTok comments to agree with the initial user’s video, saying the music video really resonated with them and they want more.

Kiyoko agrees.

​​“It blows my mind in the most amazing way that seven years after ‘Girls Like Girls’ you all are so connected and invested in the story and the characters,” she said in a TikTok video. “It’s been a dream of mine to make it into a movie but it is so hard to get a movie made. It’s so challenging, especially when the movie is about queer love that ends in hope.”

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However, she’s not giving up hope, and instead, she’s asking her fans for help. “There’s so many people to convince, and honestly, I can’t do it alone,” she admitted. “We started this together and if you want to see a movie made about ‘Girls Like Girls,’ now is the time to let me know.”

Fans Love The Idea

Fans expressed their love for the idea in the comments. Some tagged Netflix, while another asked if they could sign a petition or join a Kickstarter to help fund the film. Kiyoko responded to the fan about the Kickstarter, saying she would “def not be opposed to this.”

Fingers crossed this film becomes a reality!

Hayley Kiyoko Wants To Turn ‘Girls Like Girls’ Into a Movie
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