Garrett Clayton Announces Engagement to His Boyfriend

Garrett Clayton Announces Engagement to Boyfriend Blake Knight


On Thursday, actor Garrett Clayton announced his engagement to his boyfriend of eight years, Blake Knight.

The King Cobra star, 27, took to Instagram to share the romantic tale of the proposal, which apparently took place last year. Clayton kept his engagement under wraps for nearly a year and was thrilled to share the exciting news. He wrote, “It’s been 1 year since [Blake Knight] asked me to marry him in Iceland on the most beautiful trip and the most beautiful day of my life to date.”

“I’ll never forget your face in that moment when you got down on one knee. Love, nervous, and excited (Obv, I was going to say yes) all rolled into the love of my life,” Clayton continued. “Every day with you is filled with joy and laughter. (even when we get heated every night over who has to get out of bed to turn off the hall light).”

Then the former Disney star reflected upon their long relationship.

Clayton said, “8 years! In a little over a month, it’ll be 8 years together. Those being packed full of ups and downs. (90 percent ups) I’ll always be thankful that you walked into my 24-hour restaurant when I first moved to LA.”

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“I was a waiter aspiring to be an actor. You were an assistant aspiring to be a writer. Now, look at us! Living the dream together. Finding the strength in our unity with the loss of Orion.”

He added, “To finding out on my birthday in the dirty parking lot behind the restaurant I worked at (at that time) that I lost my first big job/cut to you holding me later that night wiping my tears away and telling me it was only the beginning.”

“You’ve never faltered in being a supportive, loving, stubborn, sensitive rock in my life. Here’s to another 100 years of traveling the world, stealing your socks and loving our babies, whether their dog babies or actual babies. I’ll love you forever. Happy anniversary, my darling.”

Clayton also posted a series of photos that included portraits of the couple and a close up of his elegant diamond engagement ring.


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Garrett Clayton Announces Engagement to Boyfriend Blake Knight
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