50 Portraits of Wild Men and Their Feral Friends

Photo of a model with a golden eagle by Walter Jenkel
Walter Jenkel

Photographer Walter Jenkel captures the beauty of young manhood in the natural world. 

Photographer Walter Jenkel is known for his candid portraits of young men in whimsical situations and dusty locations. Whether he’s shooting a model lounging creekside with a Peregrine Falcon or while sharing a meal with a boa constrictor, the results are always fantastical yet grounded in reality.

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Jenkel was born in Stuttgart, German and currently lives in Barcelona, Spain. He works with several models regularly to capture magical moments in a seemingly dystopian realm. While his professional photography has appeared in magazines and advertisements around the world, it’s his personal work that we find most fascinating.

In this collection of Jenkel’s images, we highlight 50 of our favorite portraits starring wild young men and their feral friends. Although the images may be shocking to some, they are perfect examples of Jenkel’s knack for capturing man and beast in authentic moments of trust.

If you’d like to see more of Jenkel’s work, visit him on Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

1. Grey Peacock-Pheasant

2. Masked Lapwing

3. Golden Pheasant

4. Common Chaffinch

5. Blue-Winged Teal

6. Royal Python

7. Tawny Owl

8. Common Moorhen

9. Common Shelduck

10. Pied Avocet 

11. Mandarin Duck

12. Common Goldeneye

13. Steppe Eagle

14. Spur-Thighed Tortoise

15. Common Genet 

16. Hedge Accentor

17. Duck Hawk

18. Cassins’ Peregrine Falcon

19. Cooper’s Hawk

20. European Goldfinch

21. Peregrine x Saker falcon

22. Gyr x Lanner Falcon

23. Common Quail 

24. Eurasian Siskin

25. Common Buzzard

26. Black-Winged Kite

27. Ladder Snake

28. Green Iguana 

29. Peale’s Peregrine Falcon

30. Peale’s Peregrine Falcon

31. Perez’s Frog

32. Czech Goshawk

33. Common Blackbird

34. Kenyan Sand Boa

35. Peregrine X American Kestrel

36. American Kestrel

37. Bengal Eagle-Owl 

38. Golden Eagle

39. Desert Kingsnake

40. Montpellier Snake

41. Common Kestrel 

42. Scottish Peregrine Falcon

43. Natterjack Toad

44. Ferret

45. Siberian Eagle-Owl

46. Saker Falcon

47. Turkish Dove

48. African House Snake 

49. Common Wood Pigeon

50. Red Swamp Crayfish


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