‘9-1-1’ Star Kenneth Choi Gushes Over Buck and Tommy’s Love Story

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When 9-1-1 came roaring back this May after a three-week break, it wasn’t just the sirens that had fans talking. The show’s seventh season has been a rollercoaster, but the latest episode, ‘There Goes the Groom,’ turned up the charm with a side of romantic comedy in the form of Buck and Tommy’s adorable love story.

Wedding Bells and Unexpected Sparks

Amid a city-wide search for the missing Chimney, who was dealing with some pretty intense visions thanks to a case of amnesia, the team still managed to pull off a touching hospital room wedding for him and Maddie. But let’s not let that overshadow the real sizzle of the episode—Buck and Tommy’s budding romance!

Credit: ABC

After the “I do’s,” Buck slipped out to rendezvous with Tommy, the LAFD Air Operations pilot who’d been fighting fires all day. Tommy’s entrance might have been late, but it was definitely worth the wait. “Sorry I’m late, that fire was a beast,” he declared, right before Buck planted a steamy kiss on him. Talk about making an entrance!

Love Marks the Spot

Their quick smooch didn’t just heat things up—it also accidentally outed their relationship to the whole crew, thanks to a certain smudge on Buck’s face. The reveal was pure 9-1-1 chaos and fans were here for it, taking to X to laugh and swoon over the perfectly unplanned moment. 

Kenneth Choi Gives Props to Creative Genius

Kenneth Choi (Chimney) couldn’t help but gush about the genius behind the scenes, show co-creator Tim Minear. In his chat with Entertainment Weekly, Choi spilled the beans on how Minear turned a potential cliché into something fresh and exciting. “I think it was the brilliance of Tim. Even introducing the storyline of Buck and Tommy, he said, ‘I don’t want it to be this very special episode of 9-1-1. I’m going to make this a f***ing romantic comedy, man. You won’t see it coming. It’ll come out of left field,'” Choi explained, praising Buck’s love life’s seamless and light-hearted handling.

“And I think that’s the same thing he did with the revelation. There’s no sit down, there’s no big discussion or talk about it. It’s what it would be. This guy has found love fin[ally]… well, I think love finally.” 

Choi lauded the way Buck’s second coming out was presented without any heavy-handed drama. “That’s the beauty of Tim Minear’s craft. He knows how to convey a story, and he doesn’t clobber you over the head at it. He comes in a different way where you don’t expect it,” he added.

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As 9-1-1 continues to blend gripping emergencies with heartwarming (and heart-stopping) moments, Buck and Tommy’s story is just another reason why this show keeps us glued to our screens. It’s not just about the emergencies; it’s about the hearts they save along the way, in more ways than one.

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‘9-1-1’ Star Kenneth Choi Gushes Over Buck and Tommy’s Love Story
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