New Music Friday: “DREAM” by Levandé FT. MAR.

Queer artist Levandé has teamed up with rapper and songwriter MAR. to create a new pop record about following your dreams.

“We hope it helps our queer family the way it has helped us throughout the process of creating it,” MAR. told Gayety about his latest project, “DREAM.”

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The song is a power anthem about believing in yourself and going after your dreams, no matter what the world throws at you. “The sacrifices I made were much more than I could take,” Levandé says in the ballad. “But I’m keeping my head up and won’t let life eat me up. No matter how many times I fail, I’ll follow my dream.”

Queer artist, Levandé recently competed on The Voice in Belgium, where they did a killer moonwalk in Croc shoes during a performance of “You Rock My World.”

MAR. has been rapping since he was 15 and performed with pop star VINCINT in Washington DC as part of The Getaway Tour sponsored by AT&T. We recently sat down with MAR. to talk about his journey as a queer musician, to celebrate him as he walks into the destiny he has always dreamed of.


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Listen to “DREAM” here. And learn more about MAR. in our Turn Up the Love campaign.

New Music Friday: “DREAM” by Levandé FT. MAR.
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