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Colton Underwood’s Netflix Show ‘Coming Out Colton’ Premieres Tomorrow


Fans can watch Colton Underwood’s series, Coming Out Colton, tomorrow.

Last month, Colton Underwood took to Instagram to announce the series will hit Netflix on December 3rd.


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Along with the announcement, the former star of The Bachelor shared the series cover photo, which he shared was taken moments after he came out to his dad. “I’m looking forward to sharing more of my story with you, including the lessons I’ve been learning along the way,” he wrote.

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Underwood shocked fans when he came out as gay last year while on Goodmorning America. The news came just months after he was accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend, whom he met on the show. He addressed the rumors in the interview, saying, “I would like to say sorry for how things ended.” “I messed up. I made a lot of bad choices,” he admitted.

Shortly after the interview, fans found out that Coming Out Colton was in the works to showcase Underwood’s life as a newly out gay man. Some thought the show was a way to avoid taking responsibility for his actions with his ex-girlfriend.

However, he told Variety he is just trying to live his truth. “I never want people to think that I’m coming out to change the narrative, or to brush over and not take responsibility for my actions, and now that I have this gay life that I don’t have to address my past as a straight man,” he explained. “Controlling situations to try to grasp at any part of the straight fantasy that I was trying to live out was so wrong.”

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What is Coming Out Colton about?

The show’s full synopsis reads, “Former professional football player and star of The Bachelor Colton Underwood embarks on a journey of self-discovery coming out as a gay man, including addressing his past and embracing his place in the LGBTQ+ community.”

Coming Out Colton is out on December 3rd.

Colton Underwood’s Netflix Show ‘Coming Out Colton’ Premieres Tomorrow
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