Chelsea Handler and Brandon Marlo

Chelsea Handler and Brandon Marlo Offer Unfiltered Advice in “Dear Chelsea” Podcast

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Watch out, Abby! There’s a new advice column in town that promises to offer empowering and honest advice to those seeking guidance. Extra emphasis on honest.

Dear Chelsea is a new podcast by comedian, best-selling author and television host Chelsea Handler. With her trusty assistant and gay sidekick Brandon Marlo as her co-host, the duo will answer listener’s burning questions and offer advice on breakups, office gossip, fashion trends, etc. Nothing is off-limits.

Handler and Marlo are not new to the podcast world. They previously co-hosted Life Will Be the Death of Me, a series named after Handler’s autobiography and dedicated to reflecting on a radical year in the comedian’s life. Now, the pair are pivoting their focus away from their personal lives to instead concentrate on giving life advice to their listeners.

Handler is known for being unfiltered and unapologetically herself, meaning listeners who decide to send in their personal questions should be prepared for a candid response.

“This is us, in our element. It’s like happy hour therapy with your friends and we aren’t holding back,” Marlo says. “Listeners will get an inside look at our dynamic, personal anecdotes and how we really handle situations with everyone around us. You may not like what we say, but it will be coming from an honest and loving place. Well, usually loving sometimes annoyed.”


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“Dear Chelsea” is distributed by iHeartPodcast Network, the leading audio media company in America.

“iHeartRadio has been a great place for me to share all of my wild, unvarnished thoughts,” Handler says. “I’m excited to start this journey with Dear Chelsea to help people figure out what they need in life — I’m more than happy to be that kick in the pants or shove that will give someone a new perspective on a situation and help them to make a decision.”

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If that’s not enough, Marlo and Handler will have surprise visits from celebrity and expert guests who will help weigh in on the situation and steer listeners in the best direction.

For Marlo, having multiple voices is important when offering advice, even if they don’t see eye-to-eye. “Growth comes from being challenged in the way you think or feel — with that said, we will not always agree on how to handle a situation, and that’s okay,” he says. “We work in concert to find the best solution for each person. And yes, one of us is the voice of reason and the other is brutally honest, but you’ll have to listen in to see who’s who. It might surprise you. ”


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Marlo first met Handler on her Uganda Be Kidding Me book tour. He slipped Handler his resume and inquired about an internship on her hit show Chelsea Lately, and the rest is history. Marlo was recently credited as an associate producer on her latest stand-up special, Evolution, on HBO Max.

Dear Chelsea will start offering advice on May 6, with new episodes releasing every Thursday. To listen to an official trailer for the podcast, download the iHeartRadio app here.

Chelsea Handler and Brandon Marlo Offer Unfiltered Advice in “Dear Chelsea” Podcast
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