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6 Foods That Boost Your Libido


If you have been less interested in sex than usual, you may be experiencing low libido. The good news is that help might be in your own fridge and pantry. Here are 6 foods to boost your libido that are fairly easy to find and eat regularly. These foods work in ways that can increase blood flow to your sexual organs, boost testosterone, or stimulate the pleasure centers of your brain.

Blueberries in a bowl

Eating blueberries three to four times a week can give your sex drive a boost because they help improve circulation and are high in antioxidants. Blueberries also contain dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that stimulates your brain’s pleasure centers. For an added boost, cut up some bananas and eat them with your blueberries. Bananas contain bromelain, which helps boost libido, and their high vitamin B and potassium content are important for testosterone production.

Sliced watermelon

Watermelon hardly seems like a sexy fruit, but it may be one of the fruits that can most affect your sex life. Watermelon contains an amino acid called L-citrulline. L-citrulline helps to relax and dilate blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the penis for better erections. The L-citrulline health benefits for men include helping to manage erectile dysfunction, fatigue, and increasing libido. The body transforms it into another amino acid that boosts libido and erectile function, L-arginine, and to nitric acid.

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Dark chocolate

Women have stood by chocolate’s ability to make them feel better for years, but this satisfying food can help the male libido as well. A chemical in chocolate promotes good feelings, similar to dopamine. It also has an energy-boosting effect.


Oysters have been the stereotypical aphrodisiac for many years and for good reason. Oysters contain dopamine to make you feel happy, and they also contain zinc and enzymes that increase testosterone. Testosterone is the male sex hormone. Increase testosterone and your libido will go up as well.


The allicin in garlic pumps up your libido and blood flow to sexual organs. There are many other garlic health benefits for men. Chili pepper is another spice that can help spice things up in the bedroom. The capsaicin in chili helps in releasing endorphins, which are feel-good hormones, into the body. This affects your sexual stamina as well.

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A jar full of almonds.

Nuts can help boost your sexual drive. Many types of nuts are high in L-arginine, which increases blood circulation and helps with sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction. Almonds are rich in an essential fat that helps with hormone production and has been associated with longer and stronger erections. Pine nuts, which are technically seeds, are rich in protein and zinc and have been used for many years to stimulate the libido.

Brazil nuts have a high selenium content. According to the National Institutes of health, selenium can boost testosterone levels in men.

Boosting libido naturally

Incorporating these 6 foods to boost your libido into your diet can be an easy way to improve your sexual health and desire. Another natural way is to take supplements like EveryDay Male that contain vitamins and amino acids and herbs that also naturally promote libido and help the body with testosterone.

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Diet is just one of the natural ways to boost testosterone. If you are looking to increase testosterone, there are other ways you can do it too. Check out the guide to boosting testosterone for more tips. Following this guide will provide benefits for your overall health in addition to increased libido. Eating the foods to boost your libido along with following healthy lifestyle guidelines like exercising, losing weight, managing stress, taking supplements, and getting more sleep will help you enjoy better sexual health as well as other improvement in your life.

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6 Foods That Boost Your Libido
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