KFC Debuts 'Chickendales' Dancers and Dessert Biscuits

KFC Debuts ‘Chickendales’ Dancers and Dessert Biscuits


Introducing KFC’s newest treats: dessert biscuits and the Chickendale dancers!

If you’re having trouble finding a gift for your mom for Mother’s Day, look no further. KFC is at it again, and this time they hired the Chickendales to wish your mom a happy Mother’s Day. A couple of weeks ago, KFC debuted their super hot new CGI Colonel, who happens to be an Instagram influencer. While that was cool, the Chickendales lubed up with gravy and turned up the heat.

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Here’s what’s up: Go to Chickendales.com to create a special Mother’s Day video for your mom. You submit in some simple info — your mom’s name and the state where she lives. While you’re waiting on your video to generate, KFC inserts an ad for their new dessert biscuits, and then bam. You’re done.

KFC Chickendales

A video is produced based on the information you provided, and it stars an unusual hodgepodge of The Colonel and Chippendales. “Oh howdy, Mom,” The Colonel says, serving the camera face, before tearing off his shirt to reveal his toned torso. “I hear you’re the best mom in the world. Well, what do you think, boys?” Swiftly, a whole crew of male entertainers join him and tear off their shirts, too.

The fellas strap on bow ties and perform a ridiculous dance number. Random dancers pause and say cutesy things like “you’re the best” and “this is for you,” as the guys rub their abs and rip off their pants. Keep your eyes on the prize; their undies display a sweet message for your mother.

Feast your eyes on KFC’s video below and make your own here.

KFC Debuts ‘Chickendales’ Dancers and Dessert Biscuits
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