5 Steamy Sex Scenes From “Bridgerton” Season 1


Dearest readers, the social season is upon us with promises of more scandalous gossip, ruined reputations, and steamy romances.

Many of you may have already sat down to start the inevitable binge-watching session of Anthony Bridgerton’s quest to find a match. But before you get too far, this author finds herself compelled to share a roundup of some of the steamy sex scenes from the beloved season one of Bridgerton.

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Daphne’s First Time

Daphne and Simon have finally admitted their feelings and decided to celebrate their burning for each other by going to bed. It’s Daphne’s first time as she lived a sheltered life with her mama. She makes many revelations, including Simon’s habit of pulling away from her when he finishes.


In the Pouring Rain

Simon can’t get close enough to Daphne (swoon) and insists she sit closer to him at dinner. After sharing a heated staring contest, the newlyweds escape to the property grounds. Things get heated as clothing is removed during a summer rainfall. It’s all very magical until Simon ruins the mood with another one of his attempts not to impregnate his wife.


Honeymooning in the Library

Fear of being caught is thrown out the window as Daphne decides to fully embrace her marriage to the Duke. She and Simon find themselves in a compromising position on the ladder of the library, where their shenanigans are overheard by multiple house servants and even the ever proper Mrs. Colson.


Benedict at the Salon

Ok, this is not the steamiest scene in all of Bridgerton history. But it is worth mentioning as it is one of the only LGBTQIA+ scenes the series offers us (so far).

When Benedict attends the salon of Sir Henry Granville, an artist the Bridgerton sibling has recently befriended, he finds himself in a surprising situation. He’s searching for a room for him and the local modiste, Madame Genevieve Delacroix, but stumbles upon a space occupied by two men. Sir Granville and Lord Wetherbe are together!

Benedict has not yet explored his sexuality, but he has been exploring relationships outside of the societal norms leaving us eager to see what will come next.


The Duke and I

It’s the finale we have been waiting for! Daphne and Simon have finally passed all of their communication tests and are ready to start a family. The sweet moment is a satisfying ending for Bridgerton fans and a perfect start to the Duke and Duchess’ happily ever after. They even welcome baby Augie into the world nine months later.


I hope you enjoyed revisiting some of the art Netflix’s Bridgerton has to offer. You can watch season two on the streaming platform now.

Yours truly, Lady Whistledown.

5 Steamy Sex Scenes From “Bridgerton” Season 1
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