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17 Men’s Fashion Essentials Every Gay Needs

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If you happen to fit the gay man’s stereotype of being a snappy dresser, you probably already own most of these wardrobe staples.

From cashmere sweaters to Chelsea boots, our favorite men’s fashion essentials should be your a priority.

Whether you’re a career man or a free bird, having an assortment of wardrobe choices is never a bad thing, right?  Review these 17 men’s fashion essentials every gay man needs.

White Button-Up Shirt

A photo of a men's white button up.

Credit: Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren’s Aston Poplin Dress Shirt may be your most versatile piece. With men’s suits, it’s a dress shirt. With jeans, it’s more casual.

Cashmere Sweater

A photo of a men's cashmere sweater.

Credit: H&M

Every man who appreciates high-quality men’s fashion should own a luxurious cashmere sweater. The possibilities are endless with this Cashmere and Cotton Sweater.

Urban-Style Sneakers

A photo of Baldese sneakers.

Credit: Aldo

Stylish urban sneakers are perfect when you don’t know what to wear. These Baldese sneakers look casual, yet well put-together.

Colorful Dress Socks

Let your inner freak fly, even at the office. There’s something intriguing about a man wearing colorful dress socks beneath his perfectly creased dress pants.


A photo of Freddy Krave shaving.

Credit: Freddy Krave

Be ready for impromptu drinks after work by wearing deliciously scented Cade Aftershave Balm. It soothes skin and smells fantastic.

Chinos Trousers

A photo of men's chinos.

Credit: Look Book

Chinos pair nicely with almost any shirt. These slim-fit chinos provide a casual, yet tailored look.

White T-Shirt

A photo of a man wearing a white t-shirt.

Credit: Freddy Krave

This white t-shirt isn’t referring to those dingy undershirts in your drawer. A high-quality white crew neck t-shirt is a gay fashion staple that looks sexy with any style pant.

Bomber Jacket

A photo of a man wearing a Bomber jacket.

Credit: IMG Arcade

This fitted bomber jacket from Phix Clothing is perfect for those cool, late-night walks home from the bar.

Navy Blazer

A photo of a guy wearing a navy blazer.

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A simple navy blazer can dress up any outfit in a flash because it looks great over a t-shirt, polo or Oxford.

Dark Jeans

A photo of a man wearing dark jeans.

Credit: Lookastic

Dark wash jeans create a semi-casual look that isn’t too casual. Stick to straight leg or slim-fit because baggy jeans look sloppy.

Henley Shirt

A photo of a guy wearing a henley shirt, which is men's fashion essential.

Credit: J. Crew

A classic Henley is the epitome of rugged masculinity. This Slim Flagstone Henley is perfect when a regular long-sleeve t-shirt is a bit too casual.

Classic Black Shoes

A photo of black dress shoes.

Credit: Armani

Invest in a pair of black dress shoes, like these Calfskin Derbies, for formal events, the office and everywhere in-between.

Eye Balm

A photo of a man using eye cream.

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A vital gay men’s grooming essential for traveling is under-eye balm, like this one from boscia. Under-eye balm reduces puffiness and brightens your eyes when coping with jet lag.

Chelsea Boots

A photo of men's Henley Boots by ASOS.

Credit: ASOS

A chic pair of Chelsea boots can be worn with jeans, khakis or dress pants. These ASOS boots are stylish and versatile.

Gray Suit

A photo of a men's gray suit.

Credit: Express

Every man looks sharp in a tailored-fit gray suit. This micro-twill gray suit is more versatile than black and can be worn year-round.

Summertime Blazer

During summer, you can get away with wearing a blazer with flair. Without going too over-the-top, a fun blazer works well for less-formal summer events.

Trench Coat

A photo of a black men's trench coat.

Credit: London Fog

Everyone needs a traditional London Fog trench coat for damp, chilly days. This timeless look will never go out of style.

Did you make a checklist of the fashion essentials you’re missing? Now comes the fun part – it’s time to shop!

17 Men’s Fashion Essentials Every Gay Needs
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