12 Gifs Celebrating The Hottest Locker Rooms Scenes

12 GIFs Celebrating The Hottest Locker Rooms Scenes


There’s something about locker rooms.

Ah yes, the locker room. The location of many young gay boys’ darkest fears and deepest desires. If I had a dollar for every coming-of-age moment that occurred in these wet and sweaty quarters I’d be very rich indeed.

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In celebration of the locker room, we have compiled a collection of gifs from all the best locker room scenes from movies and TV. The kind of scenes 10-year-old you would stay up late in the hopes of seeing on TV. Scenes that I’m sure many of you have turned to in a time of great need. So without further ado…


We’re kicking off the list strong with KJ Apa, because honestly, we couldn’t resist. If there’s a gay out there that can resist this dreamy New Zealander, I’d like to meet him.

Archie Riverdale Shirtless Abs KJ Apa
Archie Riverdale KJ Apa Abs

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Tom of Finland

We love a Tom of Finland moment and the gym locker room scene shared between Jack and Doug was too adorable (and hot) not to include. After a sweaty cruising session at the gym, the pair bond after they realize they both have a Tom of Finland drawing hanging in their locker.

Tom of Finland Gym Scene

I Know What You Did Last Summer

I couldn’t help but include a teen horror movie in here. Locker rooms and teen horrors go hand-in-hand, and Ryan Phillippe’s shower scene in I Know What You Did Last Summer was an instant classic.

Ryan Phillipe Shirtless IKWYDLS

The Covenant

This 2006 classic is a solid go-to for the swimming admirers in all of us. I can’t say I remember anything else from this movie beyond the copious amounts of shirtless men.

Swimming Abs The Covenant 2006
Locker Room Scene, The Covenant 2006

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Handsome Devil

If you’re in the mood for something a little less guilty and a little more pleasure, why not try Handsome Devil? This 2017 movie, set in Ireland, follows Ned and Connor as they navigate homophobia at a rugby-obsessed boarding school.

Shower Scene Handsome Devil


If you’re looking for something a little more full-frontal, you can’t get much further than Euphoria. You might already be familiar with the locker room scene, which in all likelihood set a record for most peen on screen. If you don’t believe us, get counting for yourself. Also…Jacob Elordi. I mean, come on.

Jacob Elordi Euphoria
Euphoria Locker Rooms Scene

Teen Wolf

Did you really think we were going to make a locker room compilation and not include Colton Haynes and Teen Wolf? Feast your eyes.

Colton Haynes Shirtless Teen Wolf
Keahu Kahuanui and Daniel Sharman Teen Wolf Shirtless
Colton Haynes Teen Wolf Locker Room Shirtless Abs

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Did we miss any of your favorite locker room scenes?

12 GIFs Celebrating The Hottest Locker Rooms Scenes

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