Three Revolutionary Rimmers That Will Blow Your Mind

Guy with huge butt lays on beautiful bed.

Two is always better than one, and these three anal rimmers prove it.

Many of us own (or at least have tried) butt plugs. And same goes for vibrators. Both are standard, go-to sex toys for many men. Butt plugs are great for prepping your hole for sex, while vibrators are perfect for teasing your prostate, getting you hot and bothered. Both work well whether you’re flying solo or playing with a partner (or two). But we only have so much room in our bedside table drawers, and keeping up with the latest and greatest in pleasure technology can feel like an uphill battle.

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So what if you could have two of the greatest anal toys combined into one? Just in time for Valentine’s Day, XR Brands and AdamMale have the perfect solution — in three different varieties. And, if you use coupon code GAYETY at AdamMale.com, you’ll get 35 percent off the highest priced item in your cart, in addition to free shipping on your entire order. (Some exclusions apply.)

Which one is for you?

The Traditionalist
You’re experienced, and you know exactly what you like. You enjoy simplicity and feel like there’s something valuable to be found in the tried-and-true. Others may think your tastes are conservative, even dull, but you know better. Especially when it comes to your sex life — just because you’re not reliving a scene from 50 Shades of Grey doesn’t mean you’re not tearing it up between the sheets.

You’ve perfected the art of pleasure and know how to give yourself and your partner’s mind-blowing climaxes. For you, the Anal Rimmer Model R has the traditional butt plug design you’ll appreciate, with all the bells and whistles your hole will love. With 4.5” of insertable, tapered silicone, you’ll be sitting on this toy in no time, using the wireless remote control to send waves of pleasure through your body thanks to the three speeds and five rotating functions.

The Kinkster
You like things a little edgy. You’re no stranger to experimenting and find yourself pushing your limits whenever possible. The thought of trying something new sends blood rushing to all the right places, and you can’t help but touch yourself thinking about your next sexual adventure. You love to play solo, but the more, the merrier, in your mind.

The Anal Rimmer Model I is the butt plug/vibrator combo that will set your fantasies alight. The ribbed design seems inspired by anal beads — the feeling of pushing this toy deep inside and slowly removing it will be enough to get you leaking before you know it. Even better? The wireless remote control can be used from up to 30 feet away. Hand your partner the controls and get ready for a hands-free pleasure explosion you won’t soon forget. You can even take playtime to the shower, thanks to the waterproof silicone design.

The Power Bottom
Whether you’re usually a bottom, a top or versatile, an anal rimmer is an excellent addition to your sex play. However, if you identify as a power bottom, always craving the feeling of being filled with hot man meat, the Anal Rimmer Model M is your ticket to a sexy, sticky, satisfying ending. While all the same benefits exist with this model (waterproof silicone design, wireless remote control, multiple speeds and vibrating functions), the curved design of the Model M will milk your prostate like some of the best partners you’ve ever had.

Stimulating your P-spot deep inside you, combined with vibrating sensations that send waves of pleasure through your sensitive anal erogenous zones, plus the rotating beads playing along the edges of your anus — it all amounts to a genuinely toe-curling experience you’ll want to try again and again. Practice alone, with a friend or with several friends and see who can climax the hardest.

We don’t know about you, but our blood is pumping, and we’re ready to get started. Which one will you choose? If you order now, you can receive your shipment before Valentine’s Day. Remember, if you use the code GAYETY at AdamMale.com, you’ll get 35 percent off the highest priced item in your cart, in addition to free shipping on your entire order.

See, two is always better than one, especially when you combine two of our favorite sex toys into one orgasm-inducing sex toy design. And with three models to choose from, there’s no reason you should end any night unsatisfied.

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