How YouTuber Bryan Hawn Developed His Perfect Butt

This is a photo of Bryan Hawn.

Bryan Hawn has pretty much won over gay viewers across the Internet, or should I say, his ass has pretty much won over gay viewers across the Internet.

A musical theatre lover/personal trainer/bubble butt enthusiast, Hawn recently wrote an Op-Ed for NYMAG on the burdens of having the perfect ass—a burden he knows all to well (I guess).

His fascination with the male butt started early from watching Batman reruns. Unfortunately, the superhero’s cape covered most of his ass, and even as a boy Hawn already decided that the ass was his favorite body part.

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As he got older, Hawn vowed to get in shape because all the guys he was attracted to had great bodies, so he wanted one as well. Little did he know he’d become an “expert” if you will at creating the perfect ass workout.

Check out one of his workouts. The rest, which are his originals, can be found in his book “The List” or “The List 360”

“People often accuse me of having had butt implants,” Hawn writes, “which just negates all of the hard work I’ve put into my training. I try to look at it as a compliment. But seriously, you really can’t cheat fitness. Butt implants look fake because they’re not in sync with the rest of the body. People who know about anatomy know that everything I’ve got is real.”

Hawn began showing off his asset on YouTube in 2012, and gay websites went ape shit. To date, he’s made nearly 250 videos—each one gradually showing more and more of his bootylicious backside.

“A perfect butt should defy gravity,” he said, “be ridiculously pert, hemispheric (extending in a 180-degree arc from the pelvic base), and have a semi-dense texture. It creates a sort of shelf, preventing your shirt from falling straight down.”

Watch him discuss a little about his routine:

With a 30-inch waist and an ass the size of Jupiter, Hawn has countless of people wanting to touch and grope his butt. He’s currently single so it’s not too big a deal for him, but still, he finds it hard when strangers slap, squeeze and vocally express how much they want to f*ck it. Life must be hard.

It’s true the lust for Hawn’s ass has branched over to social media, collecting over 1 million followers. I don’t know about you, but my ass could definitely use a lift. Perhaps I’ll give his book a read (or two).

Purchase his book “The List” here.

David Artavia is an actor and writer from New York City. He loves living vicariously through his friends. Follow him on Twitter and Like his Facebook page

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