This Tumblr Follows the Adventures of ‘Little Dude’

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This crazy wiener affectionately nicknamed “Little Dude” is running wild on Tumblr. Things My Dick Doesa Tumblr page dedicated to documenting one man’s mischievous member, is all about Little Dude and his big adventures.

Little Dude has an extraordinary life, but sometimes he finds himself in some ordinary place. This animated appendage has been entertaining the masses since early August 2015 when he first began to “Netflix and Chill.” According to his owner, Little Dude is just trying to kill time while his keeper is soundly sleeping. “I’ve always wondered what my dick does in the times he is up before I am. He must get so bored waiting for me to wake up. Happens EVERY day. Poor little guy :\”

We can all rest assured Little Dude isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, at least we hope not. Explore Little Dude’s world on Tumblr.

H/T: The Gaily Grind



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