You Can Buy Jacob Elordi’s ‘Saltburn’ Bath Water in a Candle

Credit: MGM (Screengrab)

Now you can bring the infamous Saltburn bathtub scene to your home.

In the erotic thriller from Emerald Fennell, Saltburn features a star-studded cast, including Barry Keoghan, Jacob Elordi, and Rosamund Pike. The narrative unfolds as Oxford University student Oliver Quick (Keoghan) becomes increasingly fixated on his affluent peer, Felix Catton (Elordi). The intensity of Oliver’s obsession reaches new heights when Felix extends an invitation for him to spend the summer at his family estate.

Soon after the movie hit theaters, a specific scene caused a stir online. Reports surfaced, claiming that some audience members were leaving the theater due to the scene’s intensity. What scene was it? The bathtub, of course!

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If it slipped your mind, there’s a moment where Felix indulges in a private moment in the tub before exiting to his room. Little does he know, Oliver is covertly observing. To everyone’s surprise, Oliver seizes the opportunity, jumping into the now vacant tub and indulging in a gulp of the leftover bathwater before it vanishes down the drain.

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It’s easy to see why the internet was gagged over the scene, but now companies have started selling merchandise inspired by it. More specifically, candles.

Lux Candle Corner has introduced a novel product named “Jacob Elordi’s Bath Water” candle. Available for purchase on Etsy for $33, the candle presents four distinctive scents: apple harvest, cinnamon vanilla, clean cotton, sea salt + orchid, and white sage + lavender.

We can’t be sure if any of the scents actually nail Elordi’s fragrance, but it’s pretty funny that fans came up with such a spot-on candle idea.

Who would you buy it for?

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You Can Buy Jacob Elordi’s ‘Saltburn’ Bath Water in a Candle
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