Why You Should Pee in the Shower

Do you pee in the shower? Don’t be ashamed! According to Mic, you should pee in the shower because “peeing in the shower is awesome.” Ok, seriously; writer Jordyn Taylor wrote a marvelous article on the benefits of peeing in the shower.

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She supported her argument with a stat from a recent survey which indicated that 61 percent of Americans pee in the shower. Why should you pee in the shower? We thought you’d never ask. Peeing in the shower saves water. According to the article, “if you pee in the shower just once a day, you’ll save yourself a roll of toilet paper (if you’re a wiper) every 50 days.”

The best part of Taylor’s article is the depth of her research. Did you know that mammals pee for approximately 21 seconds? Neither did we! For more fun peeing-in-the-shower facts, head over to Mic.

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