Watch: Dakota Johnson’s Lesbian ‘Am I Ok?’ Trailer & Uncover the Ellen DeGeneres Connection

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The long-awaited trailer for Am I Ok? is finally here, packed with queer anxiety, powerful female friendship, and plenty of tears.

Starring Dakota Johnson as Lucy, the film tells the story of a 32-year-old woman who realizes she’s a lesbian. As Lucy navigates the queer dating pool for the first time, her best friend Jane, played by Sonoya Mizuno, announces she’s moving to London. The trailer gives us a sneak peek into Lucy’s emotional rollercoaster, filled with relatable moments and heartfelt scenes.

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A Friendship Born from an Awkward Talk Show Moment

For pop culture fans, the awkward exchange between Dakota Johnson and Ellen DeGeneres in 2019 is unforgettable. During an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen claims Johnson didn’t invite her to the birthday party. However, Johnson quickly corrected her, saying, “Actually, no, that’s not the truth, Ellen,” and mentioned that comedian Tig Notaro had attended. This hilarious moment went viral and led to a real-life friendship between Johnson and Notaro. As their friendship blossomed, Notaro later asked Johnson to star in her directorial debut, Am I Ok?.

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A Personal and Relatable Story

Am I Ok? is inspired by the real-life coming-out story of Lauren Pomerantz, an Emmy-winning writer for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The film, co-directed by Tig Notaro and her wife, Stephanie Allynne, debuted at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival. The story revolves around Lucy, a woman who feels “practically ancient” in terms of coming out. In the trailer, we see Lucy taking a “How to know if you’re a lesbian” quiz and awkwardly rejecting a dance invitation from a hot woman. She later confesses to Jane, “I’m nervous all the time, and I’m scared of everything.”

Dakota Johnson’s Heartfelt Performance

Dakota Johnson shines as Lucy, capturing her confusion and inner turmoil perfectly. Pomerantz praised Johnson to Entertainment Weekly, saying, “She captured everything I could ever have hoped for in that character.” The film includes plenty of crying scenes, reflecting the real emotional struggles of coming out. Johnson’s portrayal promises to resonate with anyone who has faced similar challenges.

Watch the ‘Am I Okay?’ Trailer

Am I Ok? also stars Jermaine Fowler, Kiersey Clemons, Molly Gordon, Sean Hayes, and Tig Notaro. The film streams on Max beginning June 6. Watch the trailer and get ready for a heartfelt journey of self-discovery.

Watch: Dakota Johnson’s Lesbian ‘Am I Ok?’ Trailer & Uncover the Ellen DeGeneres Connection
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